The expertise of Dr. Jader and his team of strategy consultants is unparalleled. Working with his team has been enlightening, empowering us to approach strategic initiatives with confidence and clarity. His strategic frameworks and academic insights have not only optimized our decision-making processes but have also propelled us towards achieving our organizational goals with precision. Dr. Jader’s ability to blend strategic thinking with academic and industry insights is truly commendable, making him an indispensable asset for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of their business landscape with finesse.
Masahiro M., CFO

Katrin is my thinking partner (as she promised to be). No matter what I bring or what mood I am in, she will meet me right there.
When I am stuck, she listens and/or never fails to have an idea or a ‘tool’ to help me shift, process, or work through my challenges
and figure out the next steps. We also laugh a lot, and one thing I have learned is not to take myself and life so seriously.
Franc P. , CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Jader is a visionary strategist and exceptional professor. When I consult with him, I am met with a fountain of innovative ideas and profound insights that challenge my perspectives and push me to think beyond conventional boundaries. His strategic acumen and academic rigor have been instrumental in reshaping our approach to problem-solving and decision-making. Our interactions are intellectually stimulating and leave me and our team inspired to push the limits of what is possible.
Ranjid S., CEO

A good coach can change a game; a great coach can change a life. You really helped me and our team work through the challenges
we were facing. You gently guided us to find a common language and used this insight to improve our collaboration, fostering a
more positive work environment. Thank you for helping us achieve new heights.
Will P., Founder, Private Equity

Working with Katrin has been truly transformational. Her sessions provided me with the space to slow down, break tasks into manageable parts, and approach my work with a renewed sense of ease. I have gained clarity and efficiency for me and my team.
My partner benefited too and asked if I wanted more sessions for Christmas! 🙂 Katrin said at the beginning, I had to do the ”thinking work” and I now understand why. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to boost productivity and discover greater ease in their personal and professional life.
Sven B. Managing Director

Engaging with Professor Jader as a strategy consultant has been a mind-opening experience for our entire leadership team. His analytical prowess and deep understanding of market dynamics have provided us with a new lens through which to view business challenges. Dr. Jader’s guidance has been invaluable in helping us identify untapped opportunities, streamline our processes, and drive sustainable growth. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking to revolutionize their strategic thinking and elevate their business to new heights.
Majid A., Founder